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In the XVII. district, in the riding stables on Ferihegyi road, we also offer the boarding of horses. In addition to the 39 boxes, there are also 5 English boxes available. All horses are stabled in self-supporting stalls with straw and shavings. The horses are fed three times a day and fertilised daily. The horses are fed with oats, bran, hay and carrots or apples as their basic feed. There are 3 paddocks and a 6 horse walker. There is also the possibility of cross-country riding, but of course there is also a "four-season" riding arena with a full jumping park and cross-country riding facilities within the area.

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Sport field building

Our team would like to use our experience at the National Riding School to help enterprising riding schools who are thinking of building a riding school. Details coming soon!



In the unspoilt mountains of Styria, in the rich and healthy pine forests, the dust-free shavings are produced in an industrial plant managed in accordance with the most up-to-date environmental and economic principles. Alpenspan has become an indispensable litter for modern stables from Aachen to Zürich. It is used during the most prestigious competitions as well. Alpenspan works like a sponge: it absorbs moisture and substantially reduces smells. It’ huga advantage that it prevents the spreading of coliform bacteria and it has a positive effect on stable temperature. In order to minimalize the storage place and maximalize safety the shavings are well compressed in 20 kg balls and waterproof package is also provided. We recommend it to horse-lovers and breeders as well!

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