Gábor Fábiáncsics

He was still a boy when he became deeply committed to equestrian sport. With more than 25 years of equestrian experience, he represented Hungary at three European Championships, he was national champion in the high school and college category and several times Hungarian team champion. In 1995 in Babenhausen (Germany) he established the best Hungarian record by being the nineteenth in the junior class. He participated at every single Eastern European World Cup event, CSIO and almost every major tournament. Notwithstanding his young age, he is a thoughtful businessman and has been director of the National Riding School since 2011.

The Beginning
Nobody has ever ridden in the family: he is the child of an engineer and an economist. He fell in love with horses as a boy and today he can proudly say that horses follow him through his whole life. It was his grandfather who first took him to a riding school and in that moment he knew he would be inseparable from these animals. He started riding at the age of nine at Tattersall, in the children’s age group which was especially intended for children of his age. At that time the chief coach was Mr. Károly Fülepi.
He spent three years riding at “Tati” then he went to Csömör to be trained by coach Ajtony Ákos. At the age of fifteen he returned to the National Riding School and became member of the Budapest Equestrian Club and was trained by coach Viktor Stelczer. He has been deliberately preparing for this career since he was sixteen. Though he graduated from an economic high school, he attended the University of Physical Education where he acquired a diploma in professional training. At the age of nineteen he already earned his living from riding.

As member of the Budapest Equestrian Club, he participated at primary school championships, he was high school and college champion, junior and young rider champion. He had a horse of his own at the age of fifteen, though he achieved great success with state owned horses. He joined the sports stable of Gyula Erdélyi. This is how he became member of the Cegléd Equestrian Club. Gyula was looking for a rider for his horses and thanks to Viktor Sári, he got the job. This cooperation has turned into what we call a 20-year-old business relation and friendship. At present he is riding his own horses and those of Gyula Erdélyi.
Merán became his sports partner when he was nineteen and he was the best horse he ever had up to now during his career. He was able to participate at three junior European Championships between 1995 and 2001 (until the end of the horse’s sports career). They were competing together for six years at several nations cups and grand prix competitions and he took care affectionately of the horse until his death.
Both at the individual and team level he was able to stand on the highest level of the podium, he was Hungarian team champion several times. What he can really be proud of, is position nineteen at the 1995 Junior European Championships in Babenhausen (Germany) and the victory on the first day of competition. This is the best result of this age group to date.

The Present
The year 2000 was an important milestone in his life: with support from his family, he managed to purchase the stable of the Lázár Brothers in Budapest, District 17. He did not break up totally with his past, he still has the same good relationship with Gyula Erdélyi but he has his own stable, his own horses and students for 13 years.
As director of the National Riding School he cannot spend as much time with his students as he would like to but earlier he used to train pony riders, riders from different age groups. His students were successful at different tournaments. One of his students, participated at the European Championships.

He is very keen on breeding, he has a stallion of his own, he rode him in 2012 at the World Breeding Championships. Cinnamon (Chacco Blue x Carthago x Quick Star) got his breeding licence in 2013. Though the horse was born in Germany and he is not his own breeding, he has been working with him from a very early age. Cinnamon was second both at the Indoor National Finals and the Breeding Championships in his own category in 2012. Several excellent mares were covered by Cinnamon. Hopefully the newly born foals will fulfil the breeding requirements.

The National Riding School
Gábor Fábiáncsis has been director of the National Riding Schoolsince 2011: he was invited to this position by Béla Paár, Dr., who was curator of the Foundation for the National Riding School. At first this was a temporary position for three months but later on it was made permanent. It is a beautiful and noble duty to maintain the National Riding School in the heart of Budapest and to make it work. The all-season riding course built during that period and considered a pioneering development made it possible to organize events of high standard, with an extremely large number of participating riders. Such an event is the CSIO Budapest which celebrated its 5th jubilee this year, bearing testimony for the international standards of the riding course. International stars of show jumping decide to compete in Budapest year after year and express their appreciation of the events organized in the National Riding School.

Everyday Duties
Dóra Major has been helping him in maintaining his own stable for nearly 10 years. Gábor Gasser stable manager, who is also deeply committed to the survival of the National Riding School, is another indispensable colleague for him with regard to the duties in Tattersall.

Sports Life
Sports activities are now a bit backstage but one can never be too old for this kind of activity. He constantly works on the possibility of returning to active sport by managing promising young horses, so he hopes that the upcoming generation will help him be again an active participant of the big classes.

The Fábiáncsics Estate
A large number of riding establishments are situated in the vicinity of the Budapest Airport.
The stable in District 17 was purchased in 2000 from the Lázár Brothers. It is close to the city centre but still in a very calm and familiar environment. There are 15 traditional, 5 English and 4 mobile boxes in the stable. In addition to this there is a dressing room (shower included), a club, three farm buildings, an office, a horse walker for six horses and three huge paddocks.

The entire base is specialized on sport horse training and it operates as a sports stable. The surroundings are great for cross-country riding because horses also deserve to carry out their everyday duty in a relaxed way. There is veterinary service around the clock and the best bedding and forage is available for the horses.

It is true, that it took a longer walk to reach the old outdoor arena. Improvement and development has always been in the focus of the management and looks like 2016 has brought a real change. Several lots adjacent to the area have been purchased and unified to lay the foundations for an enhanced National Riding School. A brand new all-season riding arena has been finalized in the area. 18 new boxes were added to the stable. New riding arena, new stables are emerging and it is not over yet. There will be new paddocks, lunging arenas, inner road infrastructure, oat silo and solar panels. New fences will be added, area recovery will be carried out and finally beautiful plants will decorate this modern riding school destined to operate on the long run.

We bid you welcome if you would like to meet this extraordinary world!

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