Year: 2008
Colour: black
Breed: Hannoverian
Owner: Fabiancsics Horses Kft.


Year: 2014
Colour: bay
Breed: Anglo European
Owners: Fabiancsics Horses Kft. and Erdélyi Gyula


Year: 2013
Colour: chestnut
Breed: Oldenburger
Owner: Szikriga Kft.


Year: 2017
Colour: bay
Breed: Oldenburger
Owners: Szentirmai Ferenc and Fabiancsics Horses Kft.

Chico B Z

Year: 2018
Colour: grey
Breed: Zangersheide
Owners: Fabiancsics Gábor and Szentirmai Ferenc

Dasvidaniya “F”

Year: 2016
Colour: chestnut
Breed: Hungarian Sporthorse
Owners: Kacziba Pál and Fabiancsics Gábor

Collecting of semen: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Contact: Fabiancsics Gábor +36 30 9660845 

  • Fee of semen collecting 10 000.- Ft + VAT/ occasion
  • Covering certificate 6 000.- Ft + VAT
  • Mares will be stabled in Budapest at the risk and expense of the owner.

Collecting of semen until 31th of July 2021!

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