Fabiancsics Horses prepare for competition supported by Equistro

In the case of human athletes it is widely known that professional nutrition and high quality supplements can be remarkably effective in achieving top performance and maintaining power and health. 

We equestrians cannot expect our horses to provide top performance in daily training and during competition while feeding hay and oats only.Based on experience gained over decades we can clearly declare that it is essential to feed sport horses high quality supplements and also recommend this to leisure riders, too, who would like to keep their horses in good health.

At our always busy sport and sales stables we train 30 to 40 horses every day. Every single horse is unique – all of them have their own training and competition schedules and receive personalized feeding. In the last 6 months we have been using the professional supplements of EQUISTRO®.

Our choice was EQUISTRO® because Equistro supplements are created especially for completing the nutritional needs of horses and contain the necessary nutrients in a form that is the most effectively utilized by the horse. It was important for us that we could purchase all necessary supplements for all our horses easily from a single supplier.

The EQUISTRO® product line contains everything that a rider – be it a leisure rider, a professional competitor or a breeder – could ever need, and every product is in stock at the Hungarian distributor, Anitech Ltd.

We have seen that EQUISTRO® products are easy to dose, fragrant and palatable for the horses, thus we experienced good acceptance by our horses.

The correct choice of product is greatly assisted by labeling which clearly indicates whether the product contains any substances listed on the The Equine Prohibited List. This is of utmost importance because most of our horses are actively competing. The effectiveness of a combination of proper workout and professional feeding is proven by their competition results.

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