A legend has departed!


Farewell, Merán!

He was born on February 20, 1983 in the Abádszalók Stud.

Father:          Ramzes-Junior 194.

Mother:         Dacos, (Furioso VI-1)

Breeder: Imre Beke, who was then president of the Abádszalók Lenin Mgtsz.

He started his career with a win in Abádszalók, which was then followed by an unmatched series of victories. In those times his partners were János Váraljai and Lajos Hatvani. Then followed Tamás Miklósvári who rode him in high category classes and international events. With József Apró aboard he wins the Hungarian Junior Championships in 1990 – and he was only seven! In 1991 he is winner of the National Breeding Championships in the category of 8-year-old horses. Then his international career has begun.

Merán reached his first international achievements with rider Tamás Miklósvári. In the nineties he was ridden by Zoltán Daragó, István Bogár and József Túri. Between 1995 and 2001 (the end of his sports career) he participated three times with Gábor Fábiáncsics at the Junior European Championships and he won two classes at European Championships. His records include 34 wins and numerous placings in classes over 130 cm.

At the end of his sports career he enjoyed the loving and faithful care of Gábor Fábiáncsics until his death.

“He was not a beautiful horse. At any rate, he did not draw attention with his exterior. HE WAS A GREAT HORSE! One of the best!” And this means more than anything, moreover “enough” to become a legend in his life. He became a legend.

With his pedigree and walk of life he proved that a good horse is never bred but born and paves a way for itself. He crossed the life of many riders and for many of them he was the horse of their life. He was the one who made the Grand Prix victory, the Nations Cup ride dream come true and he made the national anthem intone at a European Championship.

He knew he had a mission. He always did his best even when he was not completely fit. He would have deserved more in breeding. Thanks to István Kucsora, now we know what a genetic treasure he was. His descendants carried on his stamina and hardness!

He was a real Hungarian horse, descending from ancestors faithful and ready to fight for the human. His breeder, his owners, riders and I will always remember him, because I could partake in his success. April 28, 2008: the celestial starting signal calls the most successful Hungarian-bred show-jumper of the past decades for the last time.


A legend was born!

Gyöngyös, June 29, 2008
József Bencsik

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